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Welcome to the free downloads area of the support site for The Wargaming Compendium. I hope that you’re enjoying the book and that you will find these additional materials useful.

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NEW! Playsheets for Shot, Steel & Stone. Really, this file is just a highly condensed form of the rules – I will be grateful for feedback and suggestions for true ‘Quick Reference Sheets’ containing the minimum required to play the game. As the author, I’ve realised that I’m rather too close to the rules to know what you, the readers, might be happy to leave off, which would normally  be the stuff that you hardly ever use. My problem is that I’ve been playtesting using scenarios that deliberately throw up all sorts of odd situations, whereas your own games might be much more straightforward.

From footnote on p.69 – John Sandars Sandskrieg rules from Lone Warrior magazine.

From page 166 – elevation views for the sides of a stone bridge. Simply resize as necessary for your own games.

From page 173 – a generic European cottage in PDF format

From page 252 – colours for the British 9th Foot and French 34th Ligne

From page 258 – the gladiatorial arena

From pages 260-262 – the cards for Arthur Harman’s Habet, hoc habet!

From page 304 – hex paper for campaigns

From page 393 – extra army lists for the AWI (Loyalist/German and French)





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