Feb 182014

I’m delighted to report that the revised and much improved digital version of The Wargaming Compendium is now available again. It is already available via the Pen & Sword website in both ePub and Kindle formats and will now doubt be appearing on Amazon and elsewhere before long.

My thanks to Kariss Ainsworh of P&S for ensuring that the changes I recommended (and there were many!) have been carried out and that the book is back on sale at a fair price (£9) that more accurately reflects the huge amount of work that has gone into its production, whilst still representing a massive discount on the £35 cover price of the hardback. The corrected and updated version is the most attractive Kindle book I’ve ever seen and whether you’ve seen the hardback or not, I think you’ll be impressed with the production values.

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  1. Is there a difference between the kindle (.mobi) version and the .epub?
    According to pen & sword the kindle file is only 26 MB but the epub is 213 MB that’s more than 8 times the size.
    I have purchased quite a few ebooks that come with both formats. Most readers can read both, and I have rarely seen much difference between the formats. And most of the time the files are similar file sizes, but some times one is much larger and the vast majority of the time it is the .mobi files were very large. But even these with large size difference I have rarely been able to tell any difference reading the files.
    I haven’t purchase because I am still trying to work out which one to buy.

    • Hello Warren.

      Thanks for the question, but I have to admit to being baffled! All I can say is that there *shouldn’t* be any difference! The finalised versions they sent me were 276Mb for the .mobi and 222Mb for the .epub, so I don’t understand whey the Kindle version is so tiny at all – frankly, it looks like a typo and a digit has been left out. It’s a 520-page book, full colour throughout, so it is a hefty file. Obviously, it’s a technical question and the only people who can answer this really are the publishers, Pen & Sword – their contact details are here: https://www.pen-and-sword.co.uk/contact

  2. Hi Henry,
    Just bought the Kindle version (already have the hardback but this will be much easier to lug around while on holiday!). I was just wondering, is there a quick easy way to check that its the updated version? ie do you have ‘look on page x, if it says ….. you’ve got the updated version’.

    • Stuart – it’s definitely the new version because the old version was deleted. You can see that I made a comment to this effect on the Amazon website.

  3. Will Amazon (in USA) automatically update the earlier version to the current version? If so, is there a easy clue in the content that you have the update?

    • Hi Andrew

      The answer, as far as I know, should be “yes”. As for clues, well, all the picture captions are now with the right pictures, for example! In addition, in Chapter 2, all the names of the authors with ‘pull quotes’ are correctly spelled. Also in the ‘Campaigns’ section of Chapter 6 (about halfway through the book) the Examples that were in sidebars in the hard copy now appear as box-outs on a pale yellow background.

      I sent about 9 A4 pages of corrections, so the general clue is that the thing is now, as best as we can make it, completely error free in terms of spelling, punctuation and layout.

      • Thanks for the update. It looks like my copy has not yet been updated. I will contact Amazon.com here in the USA and see what is the situation.

      • I contacted Amazon.com (using their “chat” service) and they updated the book for me. Because there were so many changes from the original they were reluctant to update it automatically and in doing so lose all my annotations and bookmarks.

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