Jan 242014

For those of you who have bought the eBook version of The Wargaming Compendium (that’s Kindle, iBook, Nook etc.), the revised version with formatting problems eliminated should be released within the next week or so. You’ll also be pleased to hear that I have altered the password hint to enable you to download the free goodies from this site. This now takes into account the fact that the digital versions completely mess up the page numbering!

You might also be interested to hear that I have had confirmation from Pen & Sword that they will be doing a reprint of the hardback, which has now almost entirely sold out, and they are also planning to release a paperback version by the end of 2014.

Thanks to you all for your tremendous support which has made this possible!

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  1. I have the Kindle version and have even tried copy and pasting the words into the box and still no luck.

  2. Hello,

    I am also having issues with the given password. Not sure how to prove ownership except to say that the bald chap certainly looks hot!


  3. Alas I too have tried F*** N****** from your excellent book

  4. I have the hardcopy version of your book.

    I tried the passwork F*** N*** and it won’t work.

    Any Suggestions

  5. Hi Henry,

    Love your book. Really a fantastic addition to the wargaming community, especially for a beginner. I have invested in the e-book version, and am looking to get a print version as well. Unfortunately, as I see with many others here, the password does not seem to work to get to the free resources.

    Thanks again for all the work!

    – Sam

    • Thank you for the kind comments, Sam.

      Check your email in a few minutes – all will be sorted as it has for everyone else.


  6. Hi,
    Can’t seem to get into the password protected area. Seemed to have tried all combinations without success. Any help appreciated.

    Invested in the e-book version today and can’t wait to get started. You seem to have covered everything.

    Thanks very much


  7. Hi Henry,

    I’m loving your book which strikes a great balance between wargaming practicality and perfection.

    I cannot get to the free downloads section even after trying various permutations of the password (I have the Kindle version). Could you point me in the right direction?

    Many thanks


  8. Hello,
    I’ve tried several combinations of the password but am not having any success in accessing the downloads section.
    Id appreciate any help on getting in!

    Thank you!

  9. Hi Henry
    I can’t seem to get the password to work either. Does it have an underline between the 2 words?

  10. When I enter the name of the fort the system does not accept it. How do I go about getting in? Great book by the way.

    • Hello Stefan

      I’ve just tested it, and as long as you enter the two words as written, with a capital F and a capital N, it should work perfectly. If the problem persists, let me know.

      • Do I need to include a space between the words? I’ve tried what feels like every combination of capitalization, space or not, and even a few possible misspellings but can’t seem to get it to work. Whether I eventually get it or not, though, I’m really enjoying your book. Well done, sir.

        • I have emailed you with the solution.

          • Hi

            I am also having a hard time getting the password to work. I own the hard copy of the I’ve tried10-15 times with no success. Please advise.
            Thank you for a great resource!


          • In reply to Richard Canavan:

            I have emailed you with the solution.


        • Same problem here; I own a card copy (congratulations, a fantastic masterpiece) but F… N…. is not working to me 🙁

          Thanks a lot

  11. Hi,

    I have a good old fashioned hard copy of the book and it’s fantastic! Full of inspiration, looks good and a delight to read!

    Will there be a sequel?


    • Thanks for the compliments, Paul. A sequel? I’m not sure it’s that type of book – but I have other works in mind looking at some aspects of the hobby in more depth, but I’m open to suggestions!

  12. Hi,

    I have been trying to source a digital copy of The Wargames Compendium without luck, I would like to get the Kindle version but it isn’t on the store ? I assume it’s bing updated or similar ?

    Looks really good an looking forward to getting a copy.

    Best wishes


    • Hello Phil

      The first ebook version had significant formatting problems, so I complained to the publishers and they withdrew it, giving me time to point out where errors had occurred. A revised version is now in production and should be available in the next week or so.

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