Sep 162013

It’s always nice to hear that the rules are being given a thorough workout, and some of the folks from the WD3 forum have just spent a weekend in Scotland playing a game based in the deep south of Byzarbia, where the weather is hot and the animals are sometimes more dangerous than the enemy…

You’ll be reading more about this epic encounter in Miniature Wargames with Battlegames, but organiser Paul Bright wanted to let me know about a house rule he introduced to give some specific flavour to the weekend, concerning ferocious tribal charges. He says:

I made one ‘house rule’ which I think I have alluded to in the past. This was to give tribal types who have a ferocious charge an advantage in the first round of melee, but a disadvantage in subsequent rounds (due to lack of command and training, general confusion and so on). This took the form of a Disruption Point for receivers of ferocious charges at impact, and then one for the chargers themselves in all subsequent rounds. It seemed to work well and not be overbearing, whilst giving a ‘flavour’ to foot troops who seek to break the enemy at first contact.

Many thanks to Paul — that’s such a good idea that I’ll make that an ‘official’ rules update and when I get a moment, I’ll include it on the playsheets.

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