Sep 112013

I have just uploaded the playsheets for Shot, Steel & Stone to the secure area of the site. Please note that the password has changed and is case-sensitive, so check the “How to access…” page first.

As mentioned in the notes, this is really just a highly compressed version of the rules, reduced to five A4 pages. I would like to have cut further, say to four pages or less – but this is where I suffer typical author’s disease, and find it extremely difficult to edit my own work! (If you use US Letter size paper, just select “Scale to fit” or a similar option in your printer software.)

One of the problems is that I am simply too close to the rules, and my own playtesting involved all sorts of odd situations that you may never, or only very occasionally, encounter, so you will probably be a better judge of what should stay and what could happily be left off the QRSs. By all means send me feedback and suggestions if you find that a much slimmer version works for you.

My thanks to Iain Burt: during a recent visit, he was kind enough to point out a handful of things that I had left off the playsheet and, indeed, needed to make clearer in the rules, so in fact, the playsheets represent the most up-to-date version.

Have fun!

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  1. Small point. Page three, Turning Read Rank About should be Turning Rear Rank About. It must be the smell of the Elephants!

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